Privacy regulation and procedure 2019

The official Dutch version is to be found on the Dutch home page under tab ‘Werkwijze’.

1. After our first interview, you’ll get an offer by email.

2. In case your course is paid by your employer or other third party we’ll inform employer/third party about the program, your improvements during the course and your evaluation of the course.

3. You will be informed about all our messages to the third party concerning your course.

4. You will be informed about your test results and the way we came to these results.

5. We will not give information about your course to third parties without your permission.

6. After your course is finished, all products like tests, or writing assignments will be given to you or will be destroyed.

7. All data, like starting level and end level, will be kept for a maximum of two years.

8. We only save your name and address if you agree to keep in contact with us.

10. Lingua Incognita is registered at the College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (CBP) under registration number: m1625046.