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    Costs: € 160,00.

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E-mail: linguaincognita@kpnmail.nl

Portfolio Labour Market Orientation – ONA

Information about ONA

The portfolio ONA is giving a picture of your labour situation in the Netherlands. It contains 8 forms to be filled out. After sending your portfolio to DUO you'll receive a date for an oral test. The test is in Dutch but your Dutch doesn't have to be perfect. The focus is on your work situation.

Lingua Incognita helps: We can help you with your portfolio. The costs are
€ 160,00. A training for the oral part of the exam is included.

Online: Make your portfolio online. Look on the webpage www.inburgeren.nl.

DIGID: To enter your account on www.inburgeren.nl - mijninburgering - you need DIGID with sms-confirmation or app.

Examples: The links on the right side of this page help you understand the ONA exam.

Evaluation of your certificates/diplomas:
Do you have a certificate from your home country? Ask www.idw.nl if you need evaluation.

64-hour course:
Lingua Incognita doesn't offer this course.

Apply for exemption:
Exemption of the exam is possible if you worked for 6 months in the Netherlands during the 12 previous months. The job has to be a steady one. You find the form at the bottom of this page.