Complaints regulation 2020

Complaints regulation

Goal and responsibilities
1. Lingua Incognita supports you with learning the Dutch language and improving your language skills. We’ll help you to pass your integration exam in a satisfatory way:
. We advise you in learning skills.
. We advise in grammatical and integration subjects.
. We offer exercises and tests.
. We give feedback on written and spoken Dutch.
2. The final results depend on your own effort and investment of energy and time.

3. Please, tell us if you have a complaint. We’ll solve the problem as soon as possible and in a practical way.

Written complaints
5. Any written complaints will be answered within two weeks. We’ll inform you about the procedure and the results.

6. We deal with your complaint within six weeks. A neutral third party will judge the procedure. We´ll ask you whether the problem is solved to your satisfaction.

Unsatisfied after the complaint procedure
7. If you cannot come to a satisfying agreement with Lingua Incognita
It is possible to send an e-mail to:
9. It is possible to start a procedure at the Court of Arbitration. There will be certain expenses involved.